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Team ESMedTek

ESMedTek Team is a group of dynamic Board of Directors supported by highly talented Engineers and executives to bring out innovative health care products at affordable cost. ESMedTek team committed to get identified globally with its nonstop effort to Design and Develop new products which help in advancing the Telemedicine facility to all sections of society. The core team working on it are,


Mr Satyanarayana Raju

Managing Director

Is an Electronic and Communication Engineer being in the industry for 24 years. After a short After serving public sector company for a short tenure established own business set up Essen Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd (ESSEN). about 20 years back. The main business of the company is to Design, Develop, manufacturing supply of products to Indian defence industries and public sectors. Now the company is awarded with an Industrial Licence to manufacture core products to Indian Defence services.
Having established ESSEN successfully on all aspects decided to get into Medical product design and the result is major investment on ESSEN Shimmer Medical Technologies.


Subramanya K Dixit

CEO & Director

A Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of Industry experience in Manufacturing, Marketing & sales, Establishing and heading manufacturing facility, New product development. Of 30 years of experience Mr.Subramanya has put on around 10 years of experience in manufacturing Printed circuit boards and maintenance of machineries. Followed by switched to sales & marketing for 5 years. Further established a manufacturing set up and managed the same for over 4 years. Got into the design services and new product development and extended the services for over 6 years before establishing the Essen Shimmer Medical Technologies.


Mr.Paddy White


An Electronic and communication Engineer, Founder and CEO of Real time technologies and shimmer sensing. Prior to setting up Realtime Paddy was with Intel, as a member of the startup team at their Leixlip facility in Ireland heading up the original Quality function. Paddy was with Amdahl Corp. as Operations Manager, prior to joining Intel, at their Ireland facility in Swords, Co.Dublin.


Harshit Jain


A post graduate in computer application has over 7 years of Industry experience in developing software for various applications including B2B and B2C, Android applications etc.. Established own set up Plexussquare software solution Pvt. Ltd 3 years back and expended the services offered to cover media as well.


AVM(Retd) P.Govindarajan

Chief Technology Officer

AVM (Retd) P. Govindarajan Graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Tamil Nadu and is a M E from IISc Bangalore.
Served in Air Force Technical ( Electronics) branch, as Aircrew Signaler in transport aircraft followed. He was involved in the design and implementation of air defence network, interlinking low level, medium and long range radars, AWACS, and other sources for aircraft detection, various voice and data communication media like troposcatter, LOS radio links, VSAT satcom, air ground VUHF links into a integrated air defence network.
Recognising his expertise in telecom, he was appointed as Indian rep in technical forum of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). He has presented number of papers and took part in deliberations of technical meetings of ITU held in Geneva, UK, France and Germany.
After retirement, he has served in multinational computer and VSAT satcom companies. He also has served few years in Central Research Laboratory, the R&D unit of Bharat Electronics Ltd, a defence PSU.


Dr Dayaprasad Kulkarni

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisor and Mentor, is a medical doctor, public health specialist, entrepreneur, artist and development consultant and founder of founded DoctorsForSeva Arogya Foundation - a voluntary platform for doctors to provide free healthcare services to the underserved

He is a Fellow from the East West Centre, Hawaii, USA successfully completing the Asia Pacific Leadership Program also a AarogyaSevak, Public Health Enabler, Connected Humanitarian, Affordable MedTech Catalyst, Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Motivational Speaker

He has been working for the last ten years at the community level with vulnerable populations like commercial sex workers, transgender, migrant labourers, street children, etc. in the field of HIV/AIDS and sexual health. He also founded Tech4Health, a micro-volunteering open source platform for the development of affordable medical technology through the power of collaboration and innovation